About Our Firm

First and foremost, the Firm’s attorneys believe in strict adherence to the highest ethical standards, and personal integrity is preeminent in their practice. The Firm’s attorneys conduct their practices with these principles in mind while working within the framework of the legal system’s traditional values, which enables them to fully achieve the best possible results for the Firm’s clients. Our attorneys are always readily available to our clients, and promptly respond to their needs and requests.

The Firm consists of trial attorneys who understand that trial, while sometimes necessary, is not always in the client’s best interest. Therefore, the Firm’s attorneys will, when appropriate, encourage pre-trial resolution through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Nevertheless, the Firm’s attorneys have taken a wide variety of cases to trial and stand ready to do so whenever necessary. The Firm’s fundamental objective is to serve the client’s best interests in the most cost-effective manner possible, while achieving the results sought.

The Firm’s attorneys have deep roots in Southeast Texas, and are proud of their active participation and leadership in the local legal community. They participate in a wide range of bar-related, civic and professional activities, which serves to enhance their interactions with the local legal community as well as members of other professions and the community at large. Additionally, the Firm’s attorneys have published numerous papers addressing a wide range of legal topics, and have spoken at various state and national seminars and forums.